Intervention Cardiology

Cardionovum GmbH – Germany

Xlimus – Sirolimus-Eluting Cobalt Chromium Coronary Stent Technology (DES)

  • A revolutionary stent system to treat challenging and complicated Lesions.
  • The most innovative Sirolimus Eluting Cobalt Chromium Coronary Stent Technology
  • XLIMUS is the ultimate coronary DES stent system to treat complex
  • coronary artery disease by reaching and crossing the most
  • challenging lesions.
  • XLIMUS offers a stable, flexible stent delivery system featuring
  • a flexible tip technology allowing navigating the most tortous
  • coronary anatomies.
  • XLIMUS is a next generation thin stent strut Sirolimus DES, using
  • the No. 1 drug which demonstrated long-term patient safety and
  • optimal clinical efficacy, in more than 10.0 Million Patients.

XLIMUS assists the cardiologist

  • with an optimal, unsurpassed tracking performance. It has an innovative
  • Hydrophilic-coated shaft and an extra-low tip profile to
  • access the most tortuous lesions. The ultra-low lesion crossing
  • profile measures only 0.90 mm. The novel XLIMUS Sirolimuseluting
  • coronary stent system protects the stented lesion segment
  • through extraordinary homogeneous vessel wall scaffolding
  • which minimizes the risk of tissue prolapse.

Blue Medical Devices B.V. – Netherlands

Force-NC PTCA balloon

FORCE NC is a high pressure PTCA catheter that ensures pressure when pressure is needed. It combines the highest rated burst pressure with superb catheter performances to enable precise post dilatation outstanding conformability, unsurpassed flexibility and low profile and real non compliant.

Protégé-Drug Eluting Balloon

Innovative drug eluting balloon that opens a window of opportunities with regard to treating coronary diseases in the best possible and reproducible drug delivery ,wing seal technology,fast and complete re-endothelialization

Everest-SC PTCA Balloon

The Everest pushes the boundary in terms of performance and safety and is viewed by interventional cardiologists across the world as a high quality workhorse PTCA catheter.excellent crossing due to innovative features.

Summit-CTO PTCA Balloon

Chronic total occlusions are one of the toughest challenges interventional cardio Deliverability logists face today. Summit shows the optimum between balloon profile and strength, and between stiffness and flexibility.ultimate tracking,ultimate tracking,crossing with confidence,inflate and finish safely

PendraCare International B.V. – Netherlands

Pointer-Diagnostic catheter

High quality diagnostic catheter that provides reliable kink-free passage of tortuous anatomy and calcified lesions while keeping optimal torque control in the coronary arteries.low resitance due to unique hydrodynamic surface,large inner lumen,atraumatic soft tip

Primum-Guiding Catheter

A state of the art guiding catheter, with superior characteristics. The catheter is best in class and provides precise delivery in the target vessel.low resistance due to unique hydrophilic coating,high torque control,excellent back-up support, large inner lumen and small outer diameter

SP Medical – Denmark

Accoat-Guide Wire

Complete and functional coating from distal to proximal end.polished and 100% inspected in both possibility for drainage of blood due to special coating method. Smooth surface due to homogenous coating.

Poseiden-Hydrofil Nitinol Guide Wire

Excellent radiopacity .reduced friction due to superior hydrophilic surface features .different tip flexibilities. Kink-resistant nitinol core.

Champion- PTCA Guide Wire

platinum tip for excellent radiopacity .one cores construction withsuperior torque ability .hydrophilic tip coatings for reduced friction .for both cardiology and CTO

SCW Medicath Ltd. – China

Inflation Device

High Quality Inflation Device For Cath Labs New type Inflation device is designed for interventional balloon inflation.
1. To provides expanded Capacity for Inflation.
2. To offer rapid inflation and deflation during procedure of Interventional labs.
3. Different configurations supply top efficiency.
Capacity: 20ml, 30ml

Hemostasis Valve sets

Various types to meet the clinician’s habits ,Pressure resistance and good sealing valve to reduce the blood loss.

Introducer Sheaths

Features Perform diagnostic and interventional procedures without upsizing to a larger sheathOptimal radial access, especially in women with smaller radial artery.

Transradial Sheath

It is designed for the Introduction of balloon, diagnostic and guiding catheters or other devices for diagnosis and Intervention in radial artery access procedures.

PTFE Coated Guide Wire

Please write under Guide wire Stainless Steel PTFE Coated Guide Wire Stainless steel PTFE Coated Guide Wire Specification:

  • Manifolds One-way Manifold OFF and On type MANIFOLDS-TWO PORT
  • Smooth-turning handles Laxex free.
  • Ressure lines